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Premium lithium-power-sports battery from MOTOBATT - Built for racing, the latest development of starter batteries- ATTENTION: Only charged with specially charger for lithium-ion battery, risk of explosion! The batteries are very popular with sporty drivers because it is a simple way to save weight. Lithium-ion batteries can be installed in any position as they do not contain any acid. In addition, the batteries are very compact and ideal for motorcycle conversions and rebuilds. Features: - safe technology through overload and reverse polarity protection - the manufacturing process and technology ensure the highest safety standard for lithium-ion batteries - maintenance-free, since no acid contain - very light, about two-thirds lighter than comparable batteries - eco-friendly without acid and heavy metals - compact - can be mounted in any direction, since no acid - splash-proof - high energy density for more capacity - CBC technology (cell balancer circuit) - no memory effect (no loss of energy requirement with frequent partial discharge) - low self-discharge - longer life than conventional batteries.

Technical data

Peso 750 Gr.
Medidas HxWxD 110x151x87

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